A remission of anosmia and ageusia following chiropractic adjustments. Filosa DA R Palmer Research Forum Winter 1988; 4(2):43-45

This is the case of a sixty year old man who had gone to a chiropractic clinic for lower back pain. During the examination he revealed that he had lost his senses of smell and taste 18 months earlier while he was suffering from a common cold. In addition, he also had an enlarged prostate and was taking medications for high blood pressure and diabetes.

He had been under the care of MDs (including an ENT specialist).

Chiropractic care: An atlas subluxation was found and he was adjusted using a toggle recoil technique, T3 and a PI ileum were also adjusted.

Results: Later that evening the patient reported: “I don’t know what you did, but this is the first time I’ve been able to taste and smell anything for the past year.”

At a six week reexamination, smell and taste were still intact and his lower back pain had resolved.

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