Anorexia Nervosa

The side-effects of the chiropractic adjustment. Arno Burnier, D.C. Chiropractic Pediatrics Vol. 1 No. 4 May 1995.

This is a case history of a 23-year woman from the records of Dr. Arno Burnier

Physical problem: anorexia.

Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: Occiput/C1 with atlas ASLP, C5/C6 P1.

Original adjustment: Meningeal contact on occiput ridge medially close to the EOP for 60 seconds, double notch contact on the sacrum for 20 seconds, axis spinous contact for 20 seconds. Structural manual adjustment of atlas in extension and rotation, C5/C6 in extension in supine position.

Chiropractic result: Complete resolution following the first adjustment. Follow-up two years later. Problem never returned.

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