Arm/Hand Conditions (see also Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

The T4 syndrome: some basic science aspects. Evans P. Physiotherapy, 1997;83:186-189

The “T4 Syndrome” describes many symptoms that appear to be related to a subluxation of the upper thoracic vertebrae and especially the 4th thoracic (T4) vertebrae.

The symptoms of this condition include: heaviness and swelling in one or both upper extremities, and “creepy crawly” feelings of the shoulders, arms or hands. In addition, pain may occur in a tight band around the upper arm. There may be a feeling of heat or cold in one or both hands.

Because the sympathetic system can be involved, patients with this syndrome may feel heart-like pain in the chest and left upper extremity and think they are having a heart attack.

The T4 Syndrome. DeFranca GG, Levine LJ, Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 1995; 18:34-37.

The T4 syndrome is a group of symptoms that arise due to vertebral subluxation of the 4th thoracic vertebrae. Among the symptoms are bilateral hand numbness that disturbs sleep, and sympathetic symptoms such as symptoms affecting the heart and other organs and skin temperature. As a result this condition can be confused with carpal tunnel syndrome.

In this paper of three patients with T4 syndrome, the condition cleared up after a few chiropractic adjustments with no recurrence at a 6 month follow-up.

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