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August 2005

'One Minute Wellness' aims for NY Times Best Seller list

In 2002, a phenomenally successful book, "The One Minute Millionaire" by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen, helped hundreds of thousands of readers build the business of their dreams ‑‑ and created a multitude of millionaires.

Dr. Ben Lerner author of the New York Times Best‑Selling book, "Body by God," and co‑author Dr. Greg Loman asked themselves, could people learn to create wellness as quickly as they can learn to create wealth? What if there were a "One Minute Wellness" method that could give people back their health and their hope in their futures?

Luckily, Drs. Lerner and Loman didn't just come up with ideas ‑‑ they took actions that turned those ideas into reality and the result is a book coming out this month called "One Minute Wellness."

One Minute Wellness - The natural Health & Happiness system that never fails

The formal "mission" of the book, say the authors, is "to create beneficial publicity, credibility, and clarity for Chiropractic while continuing to show chiropractors as the wellness leaders and key health resource in their communities." Before enthusiastic audiences, they explain its message more succinctly, saying: "The only hope for the world is chiropractic."

Like "The One Minute Millionaire," Lerner and Loman's book is actually two books in one. First, printed on the left hand pages, is a fictional tale ‑‑ inspired by a true story ‑‑ of a chiropractor who helps people maximize their health. The facing pages are filled with the principles, technology, and action steps that can help readers make true, dynamic shifts toward wellness.

Individual sections of the book provide valuable information and advice on how to:

*** Take charge of your own health and happiness

*** Load up on the Five Essentials for Maximized Living

*** Get more of your body's most important nutrient‑‑oxygen

*** Capitalize on the incredible power of chiropractic care

*** Tune into your body's own blueprint for wellness

*** Reprogram your perceptions about stress and relationships

*** Eat delicious foods that manage your weight in a way that popular diet and exercise plans simply can't.

"It's about total aliveness," say the authors. "And it never fails."

Lerner and Loman's track record shows business savvy along with a great passion for chiropractic, making the odds pretty high that the book will "never fail" either. There's a good chance, like "Body by God," that "One Minute Wellness" will become a runaway best seller. Their marketing plan calls for more than 30,000 pre‑orders to make the prestigious New York Times Best Sellers list (as the first book to focus specifically on chiropractic!).

Helping Lerner and Loman achieve that goal are a number of top chiropractic leaders: Drs. Christopher Kent, Patrick Gentempo, Bob Hoffman, Gerald Clum, Fabrizio Mancini, Guy Riekeman, Terry Rondberg, Mathew McCoy, Daniel Murphy, Nick Athens, Jennifer and Palmer Peet, Stu and Terry Warner, Lise Cloutier and Mike Reid, Marty and Tony Nalda, Erik Lerner, and Dan Yachter, all of whom are contributing authors. Other contributors include Dr. Joseph Mercola and Bruce Lipton, PhD.

In addition, "One Minute Wellness" will be promoted at Dr. Mercola's website (, which has been ranked as "the most visited natural heath content site" by, a web rating company owned by It ranks higher than the Life Extension Foundation, the Atkins Center, Prevention Magazine and websites by Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil and Julian Whitaker.

Lerner and Loman have also set up a distribution network for the book, awarding "bonuses" to doctors who buy copies in volume.

Doctors who buy 50 books will receive a special advance electronic excerpt of the book, literature that will help them promote One Minute Wellness, and a special four‑message audio series including interviews with Drs. Terry Rondberg, Pat Gentempo, Gerald Clum, Chris Kent (a $350 value). The cost is only $999.

To learn more about the book, or to order call (877) 922‑4266 or e-mail