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Breastfeeding Pure and Simple - Gwen Gotsch

Breastfeeding Pure and Simple - World Chiropractic Today

About the Author

Gwen Gotsch began working as the reference librarian at La Leche League Internation Headquarters in 1979. Eventually she joined LLLI's publications staff where she has written and edited numerous books, articles and pamplets on breastfeeding and parenting. She has also served as editor of BREASTFEEDING ABSTRACTS, LLLI's newletters for helath professional. Married to a journalist Lon Granhke, she curretly works from home while caring for her three children. She is al ccredited La Leche League Leader

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Book Description

Offers information and inspiration that mothers need to begin breastfeeding and to continue for may months. It gives concise answers to common questions and provides practical solutins for problems mothers encouter such as avoiding sore nipples, dealing with newborn jaundice, breastfeeding after a cesarean, deciding when and how to wean, starting solids and finding time for mothers.

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