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Obstetric Myth Versus Research Reality - Henci Goer

About the Author
HENCI GOER is an ASPO-certified childbirth educator and doula (professional labor support).

Book Description
Anyone working to improve the childbearing experience and help women avoid unnecessary intervention has encountered numerous "obstetric myths" or "old doctors' tales." And while the evidence in the medical literature may be solidly, often unequivocably, against whatever "the doctor said," without access to that evidence, the pregnant woman is quite reasonably going to follow her doctor. This book is an attempt to make the medical literature on a variety of key obstetric issues accessible to people who lack the time, expertise, access, or proximity to a medical library to research concerns on their own. After an introductory chapter giving basic information about the different types of medical studies, how to evaluate them, and some basic statistical concepts, Goer provides chapters on cesarean issues, pregnancy and labor management, and a review of alternative approaches. Each chapter begins with a stated myth, followed by an examination of the reality. Goer then analyzes the mainstream belief, pointing out its fallacies. Then comes a list of significant points gleaned from the studies and keyed to her abstracts. Next is the outline by which the abstracts are grouped. Finally come the numbered abstracts of relevant articles published, in most cases, after 1980. The book concludes with a glossary of medical terms and an index. This compact, accurate, and understandable reference tool is designed for people without medical training as well as care givers.

Editorial Reviews
" extremely useful resource for everyone who works in the field of maternity care, for policy makers, and for childbearing women and couples. Scientific documentation for many obstetric practices is at their fingertips in this readable guide. Childbirth educators and practitioners will find it both an educational tool for themselves and a motivation to give improved care to women in pregnancy and birth. Policy makers can use it to make their case for implementing changes in practice. Armed with the information it provides, pregnant women can ask knowledgeable questions, make informed decisions, and experience less intervention in their births. You can be sure that this thoroughly researched 'Guide to the Medical Literature' in obstetrics will be a frequently used reference."-Birth

"[T]his would serve as a scientific obstetric 'Bible' to keep at hand, to dip into when help is needed on a particular subject. It will provide chapter and verse to support midwifery solutions to obstetric problems, it will comfort in times of despair, and it will keep one's heart and soul in the right place."-Midwifery Matters

"Unencumbered by the burden of conventional obstetrical thinking, Ms. Goer takes a fresh look at current customs in maternity care. Using logic, common sense, and the latest scientific findings, she has written an incisive critique, inspiring us all--physicians, midwives, childbirth educators, nurses, doulas, and expectant parents--to rethink and question routine care as it exists today. This is "must" reading for all who participate in maternity care." - Penny Simkin, P.T., Childbirth Educator, Doula co-author,Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn and author, The Birth Partner

"An extremely scholarly and detailed evaluation of the many controversial interventions and issues involved in obstetrical care." - Marshall H. Klaus, M.D. Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics University of California, San Francisco and author,Mothering the Mother

"Many in the birth community have been waiting for this book with anticipation; it will more than fulfill their expectations. Kudos to Henci Goer for providing quick, easy, and comprehensive access to essential information about the dangers of technobirth. Women in the technocracy have too rapidly embraced the Trojan horse of technology without looking inside this "gift" to see its very real dangers. Let this book be their wake-up call!" - Robbie E. Davis-Floyd, Ph.D. author,Birth as an American Rite of Passage

"Maternity care as we know it is based on myths that are hammered home as truths. This book offers the chance to break free from that pessimistic model and embrace one of genuine health care. Ms. Goer teaches you how to understand the medical/obstetric literature . . . She also shows through the literature how midwifery and out-of-hospital birth are scientifically valid and more likely to result in a healthy mother and baby." - Roberta M. Scaer, M.S.S. Co-author, A Good Birth, A Safe Birth

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