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Dr. Robert Graykowski, Chiropractic USA, Carmichael, CA 

This is Frank's story.

Frank Brown has been a mail carrier for over 20 years. His attitude, health and life were affected every day by his occupation. Frank's daughter was watching television one day when she came across Dr. Graykowski's "Touch of Health" cable show. She knew that her father was suffering, so she called us here at Chiropractic USA and set up an appointment for Frank. When Frank first walked into our office, he wasn't quite sure what to expect. A man who sought answers, not a quick fix he wanted to know what exactly is Chiropractic USA all about? What is an adjustment? And that word SUBLUXATION, what does that mean? However, Frank's biggest question was, when will my body start healing, and will I feel better sometime soon?

We welcomed Frank with open arms, and quickly got him set up on a spinal corrective adjustment schedule. Frank began to frequently attend the Dr.'s weekly "Touch of Health" classes. Through teamwork, those classes, as well as other educational materials in our office, Frank's questions were promptly answered. With in a couple of weeks, he referred his wife to our office, and she began a regular adjustment schedule as well! Now the entire family is under chiropractic care.

Frank has gone from a suffering to living life and loving the life he lives. He is on the wellness plan that continues to improve his health and his healthy attitude. He knows that it is not how you are feeling, it is how you are healing that makes the family thrive. "My pain is gone, and I feel so much better. I'm smiling again. Before I came to Chiropractic USA, I tried medications from my physician, but those didn't help me correct the problem, they just helped with the symptoms. THANK YOU DR. BOB FOR HELPING ME GAIN THE KNOWLEDGE TO MAINTAIN BETTER HEALTH!"