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Dr. Robert Graykowski, Chiropractic USA, Carmichael, CA 

Now Introducing the Haleys.

Nancy Haley had a family history of bad backs and bad necks. Like so many others in our country today, instead of trying to do something about it, Nancy just decided to live with the pain. Nancy told us, "I never had taken any steps to get better I thought it was part of my family history and that it was just normal to be in pain. I didn't think there was much hope. My husband and my 3 girls were following the same path."

Nancy was lucky though, because here at Chiropractic USA, we believe in having hope. and for good reason. Jeanine Graykowski and Nancy are good friends were walking partners. Because Jeanine cared for Nancy's well being, she lovingly referred her to our office.

For the last 12 years with Chiropractic wellness care as a part of the families' lifestyle their life just keeps on getting better. Tim continues to get adjusted as a part of his workweek and always brings the girls when Nancy can't. Susie, the oldest daughter graduated collage. Illa, and Emma are growing tall and strong and are doing great in school, soccer, and swimming. Being under chiropractic care has had a remarkable impact on her extended family too because Nancy referred brothers and her 81 and 83 year old parents are all under wellness chiropractic care. Nancy told us, "My girls rarely go to their medical doctor for anything other than regular check ups, and neither do I.

Being under care helps to keep me healthy. It helps me to be able to walk better and keep up with very active girls! We don't get sick and we have an abundance of energy." Chiropractic care is part of my life. I will never go without it again!