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Dr. Robert Graykowski, Chiropractic USA, Carmichael, CA 

Leading by example has rich meaning to Joanne. She was the first patient ever adjusted by Dr. Graykowski in the office more than 20 years ago. She leads the way with weekly adjustments and her commitment to her care and her family's health is truly inspirational.

Here is her story:

In 1976 I was told that the intense burning in my back was caused from a curvature in the spine. (Also known as scoliosis) The Medical doctors that I had seen for the pain prescribed rest and medication with no additional hope when I kept getting worse. I was initially afraid of chiropractic but saw that I had no choice. I needed help!

I started seeing a chiropractor and found initial relief. When the Chiropractor would go out of town I would be seen by his associates. I learned then and now I know that there are many different styles of adjusting. I was told that I would have problems if I became pregnant.

That is about the time that I met Dr. Graykowski and my whole life started to change. His approach to wellness helped me with my pregnancies (two of them!) and I have been with Dr. Graykowski since 1985. I decided right away that he would be the doctor for my entire family.

I have two children ages 20 and 16 and they have been adjusted since birth! We take our care at the office as a family very seriously. I didn't want the children to have scoliosis like I have. Over the years our chiropractic care has helped with more than just back health but overall health and true wellness. We go to Dr. Bob when we have colds, earaches, sprains, bur mostly to maintain our level of health.

I was told by doctor's that with my condition will not improve but only continue to get worse. Through proper adjustments, exercises, and postural advice my follow up x-rays and the scoliosis compared with 20 years ago is less than ever!! The chiropractic wellness approach has made my life has been a lot easier. I love waterskiing, jogging, working out and being part of an active family. With chiropractic care my life just keeps on getting better.

"Thanks for the Miracles".