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Dr. Robert Graykowski, Chiropractic USA, Carmichael, CA 

Subluxation affects millions of people daily, both directly and indirectly. Kylie was one of the most compelling stories of a family affected by chiropractic care. At ten months old, Kylie was a victim of "shaken baby syndrome." In 8 seconds the life of a child was changed forever. The nanny of Kylie lost her temper in 114 degree Phoenix heat and shook a crying baby into a coma. The nanny had been agitated since her auto accident two weeks prior. With nerves on edge, the nanny lost control and changed Kylie's life in an instant.

Kylie's mother received a call at work from the emergency medical services that her baby was unconscious. Upon pulling up to the house, she saw the life flight helicopter landing in front of her house. For the next ten days, the horror kept unfolding.the truth of the incident being revealed, several surgeries to reduce swelling and the hours watching their baby in a vegetative state.

Six months later, Kylie's father was speaking in front of 1000 people at a convention on living life with purpose. Dr. Bob listened to this doctor in psychology, who was also a motivational speaker and larger than life figure, tell how precious our health is and how to live life each day to its fullest. After the seminar, Dr. Bob met with him to find that Kylie's spine and brain stem area (atlas) had never been checked. He told Dr. Bob of the state of the art testing around the country that had been performed, yet he knew nothing of chiropractic. At 1:30am Dr. Bob, Kylie and her mom and dad drove to the office. Dr. Bob reviewed the multiple X-rays, CAT scan, MRI's etc., took new x-rays and a chiropractic exam was performed. A severe subluxation of the upper neck was found.

Dr. Bob explained everything to her parents and explained the adjustment process. At 2:15am, as Kylie's 6'6" tall father and mother hovered over their little girl, Dr. Bob prepared Kylie for the adjustment. At that time Kylie was in an "unresponsive" state with no use of her arms or legs. The rigid spasms had caused her arms and legs to cross and her neck was held close to her shoulder. Kylie at this point of her life could not speak and was fed through a tube. After several minutes of intense focus, an adjustment to her atlas was performed. As instantly as the adjustment was made, Kylie's arms and legs relaxed and a she emitted a small cry that was replaced by a small smile. Tears filled her parent eyes as they watched the first expression of life since the horrific incident.

Kylie was adjusted 2 more times the next day. By Sunday evening Kylie's parents had decided to move from Phoenix to Sacramento to continue chiropractic care. This commitment to do whatever it takes shows how important our health and chiropractic care truly is to save lives.

After 9 months of care Kylie and her family moved back to Phoenix to continue her care. When she left she had the use of her arms, was beginning to eat on her own, could sit up and was speaking words like Mom and Dad. She showed more smiles and joy on her face than ever before.

Even with happy endings, the tragedy is that our population is dying from subluxation. What could have changed if the nanny had been adjusted after her auto accident? Would it have prevented her from losing control? What would have happened if the family knew about chiropractic when the incident first occurred? Could it have prevented permanent problems? All we do know is that chiropractic can restore the body to optimal health. Knowing this, our mission is to adjust the planet one family at a time.