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Dr. Robert Graykowski, Chiropractic USA, Carmichael, CA 

The first thing I noticed upon walking into my chiropractor's office was the sign over the door "Expect a Miracle Today." Well, I had been everywhere else with no help so I needed a miracle in my life. I had been to doctors and specialists with intense burning back pain that wrapped around my hips and went down the front of my legs. Our family doctor said that I was getting older and that I had to accept some discomfort with age, and possibly quit my teaching career.

I had already given up my special time of going to aerobics class with my daughter. The pain grew so severe that I could not sit for any length of time, especially in a car. Walking was very excruciating, and I thought my only hope was to retire from teaching. Again, a doctor said, "Many of us have to retire early." I was just not ready to accept this verdict at the age of 50. Then the headaches began and seldom left. In talking to a friend who teaches at our school, I found she went to Dr. Bob Graykowski and had miraculous relief from migraines with chiropractic care. The first night I sat in on one of his educational wellness classes, I could not believe all the smiling, optimistic patients were saying that they were getting better every day. I could only feel anger at the constant pain that was robbing me of my active lifestyle.

Dr. Bob found from his exam that I had 4 subluxations (misalignments) and a curvature of the spine. This was creating some degeneration that had put pressure on the sciatic nerve to the legs. He saw me three times a week for a few months until one day I realized when I woke up that I'd had my miracle. "I was pain free." I was able to return to my normal activities and teaching all day with a smile. I have continued to see Dr. Graykowski every week and with good adjustments have been able to maintain good health and a positive attitude that have supported me in my teaching and in helping me care for my grandchildren.

Over the years with Dr. Bob, I have received more than my share of chiropractic miracles. I have recovered from a fall, vertigo, and a car accident. But the biggest miracle of all came to our grandson, Matthew. Matthew was born six years ago. It was a very difficult birth; the cord was wrapped around his neck. The doctor had to use a suction device to deliver him quickly. Matthew was a very quiet baby. As he grew, he seemed very much alone. He didn't want to make eye contact or cuddle. At pre-school, he preferred parallel play to interacting with other children, and he didn't talk at all. His pediatrician was concerned and suggested taking him to a neurologist with a diagnosis of being autistic.

I attended the wellness classes regularly and it hit me one night that Matthew had never had his spine checked. Dr. Bob was showing how the birth process can cause severe stress on the upper spinal cord and checking babies after birth was critical. I then decided to try chiropractic care, and took him to Dr. Graykowski. He immediately found from exam and x-ray there had been some upper vertebrae out of alignment. After just a few adjustments, it was as if someone had turned the lights on in Matthew's eyes. He began to talk and come alive to those around him. He became interactive: hugging and kissing became the norm.

Now he is in kindergarten, happily learning to read, and making friends. A few nights ago, I tucked him into bed with a new toy called a Prayer Bear. When he pressed its tummy, the bear recited, "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep. Angels watch me through the night and wake me with the morning light." Matthew said, "That bear is talking to God." As I lay there with him waiting for him to fall asleep, I noticed he had his hands over his eyes. I asked him what he was doing. He said, "I'm peeking at those angels watching over me."