Colic with Projectile Vomiting: A Case Study
By Meghan Van Loon, D.C.

Objective: The purpose of this case study is to discuss the chiropractic care of a patient who presented to the author's office with a medical diagnosis of colic, with additional projectile vomiting. The proposed etiology, the medical approach to colic, and the chiropractic care for this infant is detailed. Also examined is the connection between birth trauma and non-spinal symptoms.

Design: A case study.

Setting: Private practice.

Patient: A three-month-old Caucasian male presenting with medically diagnosed colic. Symptoms had been increasing in severity over the previous two months despite medical intervention.

Results: The resolution of all presenting symptoms within a 2-week treatment period is detailed. Care consisted of chiropractic spinal adjustments and craniosacral therapy.

Conclusion: This case study details the chiropractic management of a three-month-old male with a medical diagnosis of colic who also exhibited projectile vomiting. Complete resolution of all symptoms was achieved. Proposed cranial and spinal etiologies are discussed, as well as the connection between birth trauma and non-spinal symptoms. (JCCP, Volume 3, Number 1, August 1998)

Key Terms: chiropractic, vertebral subluxation complex, vertebral-cranial subluxation complex, spinal adjustment, craniosacral therapy, colic, projectile vomiting