Coma as a result of bacterial meningitis in the compromised child. Rubinstein, H. Chiropractic Pediatrics Vol.1 No. 3 Dec. 1994.

This is the case of a multi-handicapped 10-month-old male child born of a substance abuser. The child was comatose from bacterial meningitis. A poor prognosis was reported. Chiropractic examination performed at hospital bedside revealed vertebral subluxation secondary to pre-natal intoxication. Immediately following adjustment child began to cough and awaken. By next day child was fully conscious and released from intensive care.

Child Awakens From Coma after Chiropractic Care. Joe Flesia, D.C. From Passion tape series produced by Renaissance International, Colorado Springs, CO.1995.

Dr. Flesia recounts his experience caring for a child who had been in a long term coma. The child awakened immediately after his adjustment, got off the chiropractor’s table, turned to his parents and said he wanted to go home.

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