Crohn’s Disease

Long term remission and alleviation of symptoms in allergy and Crohn’s disease patients following spinal adjustment for reduction of vertebral subluxations. Takeda Y, Arai S, Touichi H, Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research 4(4) 2002 (November, 2002)

57 Crohn’s disease patients were divided into two groups. The first group of 17 received chiropractic care and the remaining 34 who received no chiropractic care served as a control group. Six patients were excluded from the study.

All patients continued taking whatever medications they had been taking prior to the study.

Of the 17 patients receiving spinal adjustments, 12 showed long-term remission of symptoms and 9 experienced an alleviation effect. From the paper: “We found that vertebral subluxation is a common and characteristic finding in patients with allergies and Crohn's disease.”

Subluxation location and correction (31-year-old with Crohn’s disease) Goldman, SR Today’s Chiropractic July/August 1995 p.70-74.

Case Study No. 4: A 31-year-old with Crohn’s disease (since age 15) who had a portion of his intestine removed and was on antibiotics and prednisone had not had a normal bowel movement since age 15 and constantly suffered from abdominal cramps. Chiropractic analysis revealed subluxation of axis.

By the 13th visit, he started having normal bowel movements and all medication was stopped.

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