Developmental Delay

Chiropractic care of a child with significant short stature, hypotonia, developmental delay, and seizures. Parnell CA, Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics Vol 5, No.1

This is the case of a three year old female child diagnosed with congenital encephalopathy, associated hypotonia, seizures, and developmental delay of unknown etiology.

History revealed that she was in a breech position and turned at 32 weeks using the external version technique by the obstetrician, had a vacuum extraction and prolonged labor with an emergency C-section.

Child was adjusted using an activator ™ adjusting instrument and cranial adjustments were performed to realign the cranial bones and restore cranio-sacral rhythm. The child’s head became more symmetrical and she began to climb on all fours and ultimately began walking. She was intellectually more aware and doing better at school.

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