Multiple Functional and Developmental Disorders

Longitudinal clinical case study: multidisciplinary care of child with multiple functional and developmental disorders. Golden L, Van Egmond C. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics,1994,17(4): 79.

Clinical course of a pediatric patient spanning eight years of chiropractic is reviewed. 22-month non-ambulatory male diagnosed with spinal meningitis, cerebral palsy, physical and mental retardation, non-febrile seizures, and clinical considerations including enuresis, scoliosis and ambulation, vision, behavior and fine motor problems.

From the abstract:

Comprehensive care, coordinating chiropractic with other health care approaches was initiated after conventional treatment had produced a poor prognosis...the anti-seizure prescriptions are discontinued, child is ambulatory, interactive and mainstreamed into his age group for regular public school education.

Retardation, asthma, Down’s syndrome, immune dysfunction. International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Newsletter, November 1996.

Male Child - age 4 - Diagnosis: retardation, asthma, Down’s syndrome, immune dysfunction.

Patient had been evaluated at several clinics with the above disorders and was on 11 medications on initial visit. After 4 months of chiropractic care (Adjustment: Atlas ASR, with a toggle type thrust) all medications were withdrawn and the above diagnoses are being changed.

Patient still under chiropractic care and very difficult to adjust - child does not want to lay or be on adjusting table - the patient is adjusted either in the mother’s arms or on her back using the mother as a “table”.

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