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Dr. Christian H.E. Farthing Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom

Ellen Rook, Age 40, Mother of Three, UNITED KINGDOM
" I have learnt that healing takes time and that despite feeling better, the repair process continues to occur on the inside."

Ellen Rook with Dr Farthing
I had been suffering from severe back pain for nine months when I first met Doctor Farthing. I had tried many different painkillers and anti-inflammatories, none of which gave me any relief. I had also had two courses of physiotherapy and seen a consultant who diagnosed "wear and tear". I was offered steroid injections into the facet joints which I did not want. I had seen a chiropractor and been referred to a pain clinic. I had unfortunately never really got any solutions to my problem, or relief for my pain.

I was ready to give up as I believed that no-one or nothing could help me, and that that was just how my life would always be.

I had to give up my job, I was unable to sleep, sit or stand for any length of time. I was not even able to play with my daughter and I became very depressed. I had hardly any movement in my neck, my back had taken my life over completely and I was in pain all day, every day.

I saw Doctor Farthing doing a spinal screening at PC World and made an appointment to see him at the Ideal Spine Centre. There I received a thorough examination and x-rays were taken of my neck and lower back. It was so nice to have everything explained to me and to be encouraged to ask as many questions as I wanted.

The doctor's report revealed severe subluxation of my pelvis as it was very twisted and I was carrying much more weight on one side of my body than the other. This was obviously putting a lot of pressure on my spine and nervous system.

Doctor Farthing diagnosed a number of subluxations in my spine. I have now learnt that subluxation is when the spine becomes misaligned and causes nerve pressure which interferes with the messages that the brain sends through the spinal cord to the body. This in turn affects one's health.

Having then started a programme of spinal adjustments and an exercise regime, I felt the benefit within weeks. My movement started to improve and I remember being out shopping one day and suddenly realising that I had not had any pain for the first day in almost a year! I cannot tell you how good it was not to feel my back hurt. However, I have also learnt that healing takes time and that despite feeling better, the repair process continues to occur on the inside.

The staff at the Ideal Spine Centre are always cheerful and helpful and I feel that I am among friends when I am there. The atmosphere is peaceful and uplifting. This is so different from my many other experiences at clinics.

Doctor Farthing has been extremely supportive and dedicated to helping me through some hard times in my personal life as well as looking after my health needs. He has given up his time just to listen to me and give me encouragement which is something that I will never forget.

I have learnt so much about my health and also a lot about myself since I have been attending the Ideal Spine Centre. I have also realised that there are some good people in this world, who truly wish to help others and improve their health and lives.

I would recommend the Ideal Spine Centre to everyone.

I would like to say thank you to Doctor Farthing and to all of his staff for never giving up on me.