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Dr. Christian H.E. Farthing Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom

John Mulhall with Dr Christian Farthing
Francis Mulhall, Age 58, Retired

In 2003, my husband John and I took early retirement, moved to Kent and looked forward to having lots of time to test the sailing waters around the coast. However, an old problem ('tennis elbow') that I had suffered with for 7 years became much worse and despite trying physiotherapy, recommended by my GP, didn't improve. In addition to the elbow problem I developed a very painful frozen shoulder. Both of these conditions severely limited my ability to perform everyday tasks such as housework and even using a hairdryer. Needless to say sailing and working on the boat were significantly affected.

I went back to see a GP (my own GP was on holiday) and he recommended hydrocortisone injections into the area of the pain but suggested only one area at a time. When I asked if there was a reason why I had become susceptible to these problems, he glanced at my details on the computer screen and said, "let's just say that you're not 16 anymore!"

I agreed to having the injection which took away the pain in my elbow, temporarily, but despite having three injections into the shoulder area, over several months, this had no beneficial effect at all. By July 2004, whilst on holiday, I found I was disappointingly unable to swim as my shoulder and arm movements were so severely restricted and painful. I was taking both paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets on a daily basis for this.

On return from holiday I saw a special feature in the Kentish Gazette newspaper for the Ideal Spine Centre which made mention of Tennis Elbow and Frozen Shoulder. So I decided to make an appointment.

I was very impressed on my first visit and found the Ideal Spine Centre to be a very friendly, relaxed and professional environment. I had a thorough assessment and x-rays, which no one had ever recommended previously. The results of the x-rays showed that I had 7 major levels of Vertebral Subluxation (spinal misalignment causing pressure to the nerves) which required immediate attention.

Prior to this visit I had never heard of Vertebral Subluxation or been aware of the need for spinal care. However the superb on-going education program at the practice, which includes regular workshops, helps patients to understand the correction of the cause rather than just treating the symptom and encourages patients of the practice to take responsibility for their own well-being.

I have been getting spinal adjustments for 5 months and my frozen shoulder has improved significantly. But one other health concern has also improved that I hadn't foreseen. For 17 years I have been taking medication to enable me to sleep. The insomnia started after a particularly traumatic bereavement in the family and I just assumed I would always have it. However, since I started my spinal care to correct my spinal problems and to improve nerve flow between the brain and body and, I can sleep again without drugs. I have not needed to take a single tablet to enable me to sleep.

We went on holiday again at the end of September. Not only was I able to swim again but due to the improvement in my shoulder and arm, I also managed to sail a dingy again. I can now look forward to a more active retirement, something that was not possible had I not had my spine checked at the Ideal Spine Centre. I would like to thank Dr Farthing for his continuing commitment to the well-being of his patients.