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Dr. Christian H.E. Farthing Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom

Roz and Rob Pain with Dr Christian Farthing
Rob & Roz Pain, Enjoying Retirement, 71 years "young"

"I have recommended the Ideal Spine Centre to many others and will continue to do so. I was informed.the problems were due to stress." "I was advised to take pain killers and tranquilisers."


Throughout December of 2004 and January and February of 2005 my wife Roz and I stayed with our daughter's family in New York State, where Christopher, the eldest of five children was suffering from the most aggressive case of non-Hodgkin's Lymphatic cancer. During this time I developed daily headaches, periods of deafness in my left ear and suffered several migraine attacks . I saw two doctors in America, had a brain scan and was informed that the scan was all clear and the problems were due to stress. I was advised to take pain killers and tranquilisers.

On returning to England in March 2005, I suffered a series of migraine attacks but managed to attend the Ideal Spine Centre. Dr Farthing made an assessment of my condition and recommended a course of spinal correction with specific adjustments to my cervical spine to help.

My adjustments began, and within a few weeks I was off all of the pain killers and tranquilizers and have not had a headache or migraine attack since. The periods of deafness in my left ear have also stopped.

The overall benefit of these improvements had given me a great feeling of well being and the ability to return to the enjoyment of retirement life with Roz . With my improved health, I then began to look forward to our next trip to see Christopher and the family that August. When I was away, I missed the Ideal Spine Centre. In addition to helping us regain and maintain our renewed level of health, we have also met so many nice and interesting people there.

I have recommended the Ideal Spine Centre to many others and will continue to do so. It consists of a great team of very caring and dedicated people in a superb practice which does a great job for all the patients who get their spine regularly checked and adjusted by Dr Farthing. Everyone can benefit from a check-up.

"I had tried everything from physiotherapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists and chiropractors to exercise classes, as well as strong analgesics by the dozen."


Having spent 46 years in the nursing profession I have ended up like many nurses of my vintage with a "bad back". I have had treatment on and off for most of my life from various professionals. I had tried everything from physiotherapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists and chiropractors to exercise classes, as well as taking strong analgesics by the dozen.

Six years into my retirement, I had an acute attack of severe pain on top of my already chronic suffering which was unbearable, leaving me unable to cope with normal daily activities. During this attack I heard that my 19 year old grandson Christopher, living in the USA was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. Naturally my daughter needed me to go to help and support her as she has four other children. Needless to say the stress of hearing this news left me devastated, and led to even more severe pain, making it impossible for me to fly to the USA and see my family.

At this point, I was desperate and a 77 year old friend, who had also suffered with severe back problems sung the praises of Dr Christian Farthing, recommending the Ideal Spine Centre. After receiving care at the practice, my friend was able to live an almost normal, active way of life again, including travelling abroad. On this recommendation, I decided to consult Dr Farthing who kindly gave me an appointment.

After the first five weeks of care, I felt much better. I was amazed, especially after suffering for so many years. I was confident enough to book the flight to the USA to help assist my family to take care of my grandson with cancer. It is thanks to Dr Farthing that the trip was made possible for me and I am most grateful for that as I will be heading over again soon. Dr Farthing kindly provided me with a reference letter for the chiropractor who I was to see in the USA. Also, my intake of analgesics is now nil.

I would feel confident in recommending any of my family and friends of all ages to the "Ideal Spine Centre", where I am sure that they will get the courtesy and expert help from the friendly team that I myself have always received.