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Dr. Christian H.E. Farthing Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom

Heather(6) & Sophie(7) M., Faversham, UK
"I'm very happy with the fact that my children will stay healthy, drug-free, fit and well adjusted all their life. It's very clear that permanent results do not happen over night and things happen all the time to cause subluxation.They are being raised without drugs, with great balanced nutrition, good activity and a spine that's in line!
Sophie and Heather with Dr Christian Farthing
The girls are writing their own testimonial but I thought I would write a few things from a parents perspective and to give you the full stories, as children as young as Sophie and Heather don't always remember exactly how they were before.

We came to the Ideal Spine Centre as a family because of my problems, but I very quickly realised the importance of good spinal health care for everyone, especially the family. We had been involved in a recent car accident in which the two girls and I were in the car, so I decided to have them checked out. I was prepared for a diagnosis of whiplash but I was not prepared for Dr Farthing's findings on my eldest daughter. You have to realise, my girls were very healthy. They had a good diet, lots of exercise and they were, and are, very lovely children with no apparent health problems. However there were a few minor things, that as a parent, I never put down to their spine and nervous system. One was bed wetting. Sophie, the eldest, bed wet frequently and had to have a night time nappy up to the age of five and half, despite being out of daytime nappies by the age of two. Similarly, at the time we started at the Ideal Spine Centre, Heather had to have a night time nappy at the age of four and half, despite also being dry by day from around two years of age. I actually put this down to a behavioural problem and probably influenced by my lack of knowledge of how to toilet train my children, despite reading every child help book I could get my hands on. I thought it was my fault. We had a night time routine where I had to wake up Heather at around midnight and take her to the toilet, but she still wet the bed by morning. I could not understand it at all.

There were a few other things. Sophie had frequent ear infections and had several courses of antibiotics , was also struggling with her reading at school and seemed to lack concentration . I thought it was odd at the time because I was told in the past that she had a very good concentration span, so much so that she could count and add up in her head at the age of three. Heather was also a bad sleeper .

Just like he does with adults, Dr Farthing took a full history of the girls including full details of their birth and what drugs I had during pregnancy.he was very thorough and wanted to understand everything - no stone was left unturned. Heather seemed ok, with nothing major. However, she did suffer from a whiplash injury in the car accident. As I had suspected, Dr Farthing did discover subluxation in Heather's pelvic area and upper spine. In fact, he found a similar subluxation pattern in that region in both girls. The shocking and most upsetting part was what Dr Farthing discovered with Sophie. She actually had five subluxations and showed signs of birth trauma in her spine. When Dr Farthing carefully showed me her posture she was so wonky I could not believe I had not seen it before. But thinking back, I had thought she was just holding herself that way .

Starting adjustments at the Ideal Spine Centre was where things started to change for both girls. In fact, changes came quite fast within the first week. I noticed the girls seemed calmer in their mood and Heather was more settled at night. After constant bed wetting every night for over two and half years Heather suddenly stopped wetting the bed about six months into her first year of spinal health care. I didn't actually put the two together until six months later. What happened in that time was Heather would be dry in the night for about a month and then it would start again, then it stopped for another couple of months and then started again. Therefore, one day I had got to a point where I was tired and frustrated and actually mentioned in passing to Dr Farthing. Right there and then, he did this special adjustment on Heathers hip area and that night and guess what. no bed wetting! That was when I paid attention. This is why it's so important to keep going with the adjustments. It all started to make even more sense. Heather remained dry for almost a year until on holiday last August when she was kicked in the lower back by a frisky young horse. That very night the bed wetting started again. But sure enough, after a few adjustments at the Ideal Spine Centre, it stopped again. We had a family joke with Heather - if she wet the bed, we would have to get Dr Farthing to switch it off again!

The remarkable thing about Sophie is she never complained or said a word about how she felt. It was only after her assessment with Dr Farthing that she told me when she turned her neck from side to side that it hurt. When she leant over her desk at school her back and neck hurt. She then added that she always had a headache and her ears hurt. This was all news to me as she had never said a word! When I asked her how long that had been going on and why didn't you tell me, she said, she just thought it was normal as she had always been that way . To say Sophie had some benefits from having adjustments at the Ideal Spine Centre is quite an understatement. Apart from the headaches disappearing and her neck and back not hurting , Sophie has not had one single ear infection in the last two years. We started her care plan in the April 2004 and the biggest jump in Sophie's school work took place from April to July that year. There was so much of an improvement in Sophie's school report that it brought tears to my eyes. It was so glowing about how well she had done in every subject, and particularly, her reading. Sophie's teacher even said in the report and I quote "I am thrilled to bits with progress Sophie has made, particularly since Easter!" To me that said everything.

I'm very glad to say both Sophie and Heather are now on wellness care in which they now have adjustments once a fortnight and I'm very happy with the fact that my children will stay healthy, drug-free, fit and well adjusted all their life. Visiting the Ideal Spine Centre for wellness care is a permanent fixture for the Mulvany family! It's very clear that permanent results do not happen over night and things happen all the time to cause subluxation. So for us it's essential in combating life's little curve balls. The one thing I wish for my children is to grow up as healthy and fit as Dr Farthing! They are being raised without drugs, with great balanced nutrition, good activity and a spine that's in line!

Thanks for reading and I do hope this testimonial helps you help a child you love, grow up healthy! Deborah M (Mum), Nutritional Therapy Practitioner