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Dr. Christian H.E. Farthing Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom

Maureen Sweeney, Age 65, Retired

"The pain in my upper back is much better and I am now walking 2 to 3 miles every day as well as cycling daily."

Since the age of 13, I had suffered with frequent and severe migraine attacks, which were extremely painful and debilitating . In fact, they were so bad that my mother took me to see numerous specialists, including one in Harley Street. I was prescribed various anti-inflammatory drugs which alleviated the pain slightly but also made me nauseous - none were successful . The only answer for me was to lie in a dark room with an ice-pack on my forehead until the pain subsided.

The migraines would last for 1 to 2 days. I was told that they were due to the menstrual cycle and that I would be free of them after the menopause. Regrettably, however, this was not the case. I then hoped that I would be free of them once I had retired, but again this did not happen, as often I would go to bed free of pain yet wake with a severe headache.

At one stage I was even convinced that I had cancer and so I paid privately to see a consultant. Having referred me for an MRI scan of the specific section of my head that was the most painful, he told me I did not have cancer, but that the particular section scanned had been damaged by the constant migraine attacks I had sustained over the years. I was also diagnosed as having Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in my hands which affected my driving and ability to hold things for long . On investigation, surgery was suggested.

For the past 30 to 35 years I have also suffered with varying degrees of neck and back ache which has grown progressively worse. In my early twenties I was waiting on the curb for a bus which caught my hip and knocked me over. Being young, I got up and proceeded with the day's work. Over the last 10 to 15 years, I have twice suffered whiplash as a result of drivers crashing into my stationary car. Also, over the past 20 years two different GPs have referred me for back x-rays at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital - both x-rays were subsequently lost. I lost heart and could not be bothered to return.

Over the past few years the level of pain in my neck and back had become so bad that I was unable to walk far or stand for longer than a few minutes. This impinged on my ability to cook or garden for any length of time without needing to lie down . I became despondent and wondered whether this was the beginning of the end. I could not believe that just as I was looking forward to enjoying my retirement, poor health and fate were stepping in to put paid to such an idea.

One day last year, as I drove past the Ideal Spine Centre, I saw that Dr Farthing was offering a free spinal assessment. I was sceptical about being seen due to my age and long-term history of back pain. However, Dr Farthing was quite happy to see me, so the appointment was made.

I was very impressed with the professionalism and warmth that I received and subsequently with the thoroughness of the assessment, which included a full medical history. Dr Farthing examined me and pointed out that my left side was lower than the right and that I was carrying 26lbs more on the right (weight bearing difference). An x-ray of my neck and spine showed that I had 6 major levels of subluxation in my spine. I also had postural distortions. While giving me no false hope about the level of improvement he could effect to the lumbar region, Dr Farthing assured me that he could help me. He stated that there was no 'quick fix' and that subluxations required continued spinal adjustments to obtain and maintain optimum health. A personal programme of care was devised and I was encouraged to attend the health workshops and to look at my lifestyle.

I have been receiving adjustments at the Ideal Spine Centre since January 2006 and I am delighted to say that other than having had only one migraine, I have not suffered a single attack! This is remarkable considering my history of this crippling affliction. The pain in my upper back is much better and I am now walking 2 to 3 miles every day as well as cycling daily and recently I walked 6 to 7 miles a day whilst on holiday! The pins and needles in my hands have also lessened . Following my recent review with Dr Farthing, I learnt that I now only have an 8lb difference in my weight bearing.

I regularly refer friends to the Ideal Spine Centre and I am extremely grateful to Dr Farthing for all of his help so far, also to his staff for the courtesy and patience shown to me. I do not hesitate to tell my friends and others about my positive experiences and about the importance of having a spinal check for subluxation and subsequent adjustments if necessary.

If only the NHS invested more funds in keeping people healthy rather than concentrating on symptoms and relying on drug therapy.