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Dr. Christian H.E. Farthing Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom

Judi Henderson, Age 56, School Teacher

" The benefits have been enormous. I am now living drug free, have boundless energy, have lost weight, the bloated stomach and digestive problems are so much better and my intense headaches have been reduced. "

As I sit in the Ideal Spine Centre each week and read 'Patient of the Week', it makes me realise I'm not unique and that there are many fellow sufferers out there, who have gone through similar experiences to me and I have often wondered whether people would like to read my story. Well, I now have the opportunity. I feel that if my story encourages you to keep going with your adjustments and wellness care, then it will be worth my time putting pen to paper, so here goes ...

My story starts 45 years ago, on a fateful day when I fell on a netball court onto my spine and passed out. I still remember waking up with my head between my knees and being revived, even after all these years. That was the start of my spinal problems. I have always loved sport and tried to be active. However, I have been restricted by pain in my back and I've lost count of the number of times I've passed out with the intense pain, thus limiting me in what I was able to do.

It got to the point that whenever I met someone I hadn't seen for a while the first thing they would say to me was "and how's that back of yours Judi?" I really wanted to feel well but became resigned to the fact I would have to get on with my life and make the most of a bad situation. I was frightened to sneeze in case my back 'went'. It would mean several days, if not weeks, flat on my back. My lowest point was at the age of 37, when I spent 14 weeks in bed and had to learn to walk again with the aid of a stick. That's what the Doctor recommended at the time and he said that was the only way to let my back settle down and recover!

I have had a life full of specialists, including a pain specialist. I have suffered with endless, so called "slipped discs". I have taken anti-inflammatory tablets, had epidurals, physiotherapy, hospital visits, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, even a plaster cast made for me to wear and support my spine . During my last visit to see a specialist (in 1995) I was told I would be in a wheelchair in 10 years, unless I was to 'pool walk', which I did for five years to strengthen my muscles around the damaged spine.

My life changed in August 2004 when my husband and I went to friends for dinner and they threw Dr Farthing's business card on the table and asked me to join them at one of Dr Farthing's health workshops. At that point I felt reasonably well, but I realise now it was a case of accepting how I was and thinking that this was the best I could possibly feel, so I was best left well alone. To say I was sceptical would be true. I was also worried, in case having an adjustment would exacerbate the situation. However, I decided to listen to what Dr Farthing had to say.

It was the best health decision I have ever made. I have to say this was the first time in all those years anyone had bothered to go through my whole history of spinal problems. I was away from home for two hours on that first visit, so thorough was the examination and discussion. The next day I came back to the Ideal Spine Centre for my results and was told I was suffering from vertebral subluxations in 5 of the vertebrae in my lower back, 2 in my thorax and 3 in my neck region, plus my spine was in stages 2 to 3 of degeneration - not good news. The good news was I could be helped. Dr Farthing was the first practitioner in all those years to have a staged plan for me.

Since then I visited Dr Farthing 3 times a week in the first year and twice a week in my second year and I am just about to be reduced to once a week. Quite a commitment on both sides you might say! Worthwhile? Of course! The benefits have been enormous. I am now living drug free, have boundless energy, can do jobs I never dreamt I would ever be able to do again, have lost weight, the 'side effects' are fantastic because the bloated stomach and digestive problems are so much better, intense headaches have been reduced, all because my spine is being corrected and straightened and as a result, my nervous system can function properly. I didn't realise other problems I was having would also benefit, but now I do! An added bonus you might say!

Wheelchair indeed? No way! I am determined to keep fit and healthy with the help of Dr Farthing and his committed wellness team. All my family, friends and colleagues comment on how much better I look since that step I took 21 months ago. ALL I CAN SAY IS HOW MUCH BETTER I FEEL.. As someone said to me only today, "you don't realise you can feel better until you do feel better" - never a truer word spoken!