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Dr. Christian H.E. Farthing Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom
Sally-Ann Bryan with Dr Christian Farthing
Sally-Ann Bryan Age 41 Support Worker

"Doctors told me I would never lead a normal life - I would have to have several operations by the time I was 30 and that I would never know life without pain."

My name is Sally-Ann Bryan. I am 41 years of age and I am a support worker. My story starts the day I was born. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis and had to attend a London hospital for regular check ups from birth through childhood. Doctors told me I would never lead a normal life - I would have to have several operations by the time I was 30 and that I would never know life without pain.

The problem was that I was very stubborn, even as a child. I refused to have any of the operations; I don't know why, but there was just something inside me telling me not to do it. As for normal, I had three children and did the same things as any other mother. I went swimming, walking and bike riding.

The one thing the doctors were right about was the pain - it was always there, night and day, but I could live with that because I had never known anything else. After 36 years , the hospital told me there was nothing more they could do for me unless I had an operation. I never went back and they never asked to see me again . The older I got, the worse the pain got. The pain got so bad I starting sleeping on the sofa at night so as not to disturb my husband. I took pain-killers, but they never helped. I stopped swimming, walking and bike riding because of the pain. I started putting on weight, my health was deteriorating and I had developed a hiatus hernia, which made me vomit blood. I literally chewed on 'Rennie' constantly, having anywhere between 20-30 per day. My GP also gave me pills for this, which he said I would have to take for life. Each time I picked my pills up they came with a warning that they should not be taken regularly because they can cause harm and damage to my internal organs .

I suffered from asthma and was on steroids for this. Life was starting to look bleak for me until I saw an advert in the local paper. Dr Christian was offering the opportunity for a free assessments at the Ideal Spine Centre. (What had I got to lose?) The first thing I notice about Dr Christian was his welcoming and big cheeky grin, and then, it was how healthy he looked. Dr Christian was full of confidence and he truly believed in what he was telling me. At the end of my x-ray report, he said I had 7 subluxations, something I had never heard of until that day. After looking at some charts and listening to Dr Christian I could see that the subluxation could be the cause of my aliments and my deteriorating health.

He made no promises but said he could help. Three months on and life has already changed. I only take one of my nasty and life-threatening pills instead of two. I would, in time, like to come off the pills but Dr Christian has said 'small steps'. I have come off all the steroids for my asthma and the nurse has told me I now have the lungs of a 26 year old. I no longer chew on Rennie. So, if I was to look at my situation now compared to four months ago, I have not taken the usual 3,600 Rennie, taken 120 less organ damaging tablets and not any of the daily steroids. (Health is now occurring from within!). With the help of the health workshops on Wednesday evenings I have also lost 1½ stone and I have started swimming, walking and bike riding again. I don't think I have ever felt this good.

As for the pain, well its better! I don't sleep on the sofa any more and I don't cry myself to sleep at night. Thanks to Dr Christian I have got my life back . I tell all my friends and family about Dr Christian and anyone else who will listen. As for this staff, they are great! They are always kind and helpful and always have time to listen to me, and I know anything I tell them is in confidence.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from Dr Christian's expertise, please don't hesitate to tell them about the amazing things that occur at the Ideal Spine Centre. That is why we always help to spread the word by helping with leaflets and it makes for great exercise!

I am having my whole family checked for subluxation. My daughter Heidi and grand daughter Maddi are already getting regularly adjusted. Dr Christian has educated and provided us with continued information to help us make the best choices to live drug-free and healthy for life - "Lifetime Family Wellness" now is a part of our lives.Life will never be the same again!