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Dr. Christian H.E. Farthing Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom
Pam Amos with Dr Christian Farthing
Pam Amos, Mother of 3, Grandmother of 4

I was told: "I had arthritis and my back was worn out, my nerves weren't affected and to come back if things got worse, It was all in my mind"

June 1997 : I really hurt my back by twisting round whilst carrying heavy shopping. The doctors I saw said I just had inflammation and I had to take ibuprofen. This didn't help so I visited an osteopath and was told that my back had 'locked up'. By 2001, I started to suffer quite frequent bouts of pain, so decided to see a Specialist at Blackheath. The result of an x-ray & MRI scan showed that I had "arthritis and my back was worn out". He recommended physiotherapy and not to overdo things. I went to see a Back Specialist at the Kent & Canterbury at the end of the year but he just said that my nerves weren't affected and to come back if things got worse. At this time I had to stop driving.

During 2002 my symptoms gradually got worse. My doctor told me that it's not really worth seeing a Specialist as they wouldn't be able to help me! I also saw a manipulative physiotherapist in Harley Street and was given more exercises to strengthen my back. In January 2003, my husband drove me to Birmingham to see another Specialist. His verdict was, what I was feeling must be all in my mind! He recommended anti-depressants.

In July 2003, we saw a Pain Specialist at the Chaucer Hospital. He promised me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my back and I couldn't possibly hurt it anymore by leading a normal life. At this point I accepted that nothing more could be done and that this was how my life would always be. I felt disabled. But actually, as it turned out, fate had other ideas.

We came across The Ideal Spine Centre, which was, amazingly, just five minutes down the road from our home. So I visited the Ideal Spine Centre. After just one visit and x-rays it was revealed that I had seven subluxations, which were, thankfully, still reversible. I started having spinal adjustments straight away. After just a short time, I was like a different person and enjoying life. I was able to buy a new car and started driving again. Christmas will never be the same again.I could now pick up and nurse my newly born grandchildren.

Two years later, I'm still enjoying the many benefits of getting regularly adjusted and now healthier than ever. I now attend a local gym twice a week and I can drive everywhere. I now realise that, before coming to the Ideal Spine Centre, I had forgotten what it was like to feel great!!