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Dr. Christian H.E. Farthing Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom

Sandra Earwaker with Dr Christian Farthing
Sandra Earwaker, Age 59, Retired Chef

"I am completely drug free!"

I had suffered from back pain and muscle spasm for many years. Pain and discomfort spoiled many of the things I loved to do. Gardening became a 'no-no'. My body was limiting me doing what my brain wanted to do. My last holiday was completely ruined by pain. I was desperate for help. I wanted to know what was happening inside my body.

My doctor just prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxants, neither of which touched the pain. I was told that I had arthritis, as well as wear and tear of my vertebrae, which I would have to put up with, as it was something that happened with old age! I was drinking far too much alcohol as it was the only thing that masked the pain.

In the past I had been to other health professionals who had treated my pain. This sometimes helped with temporary relief, but the pain always returned. I had passed the Ideal Spine Centre many times and noticed how busy it always. I was desperate for help and decided to make an appointment. It was different from anywhere else I had ever been to. I was given a thorough examination and x-rays to see what was happening with my spine. Having a look on the inside made a lot of sense to me. I liked the idea of knowing what the condition of my spine was like. As I am sure for so many people who had never had their spine checked before, the news was not good but there was hope.

After three months of regular adjustments and becoming a committed slave to the given exercises, I am now pain free. I no longer suffer muscle spasms, I can work in my garden for long periods and no longer need alcohol to sleep. In fact, I am completely drug free!

Visiting the Ideal Spine Centre, Dr Farthing and his terrific staff have become an enjoyable part of my life. The surroundings are streamlined, relaxed, professional and welcoming. I have been taught so much about wellness care and what happens inside our bodies by Dr Farthing. His knowledge has led me to firmly believe that I am now doing the right thing for my body and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Looking back, I wish that I had made an appointment earlier rather than driving past because of the many health benefits the Ideal Spine Centre has had to offer me. I also firmly believe that everyone would benefit from regular spinal health care and that it is never too late to make a difference to our lives through wellness care and to live in peace and harmony with our bodies.