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Dr. Christian H.E. Farthing Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom

John Mulhall with Dr Christian Farthing
John Mulhall, Age 64, Retired

"I no longer take paracetamol or ibuprofen, nor do I need to take antacids"

I initially went to the Ideal Spine Centre with my wife to get the results of her x-rays in July 2004. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the initial consultation and the subsequent detailed results, so much so that I made an appointment to have a check-up in early August. For many years I have suffered from permanent neck, shoulder and lower back pain and took pain-killers on a daily basis. For what seems like a lifetime, I have also taken large quantities of proprietary medicines for 'heartburn', 'indigestion', 'stomach acid' etc. In fact I use to order boxes of 'Rennie' with 1,000 tablets which would last me only two months.

Medications became part of my wife's and my life. As we did our weekly shop, we would throw in the pain killers without any second thought. It was a habit, but obviously not a good one.

When I had the Doctor's Report, my x-rays revealed that I had 9 major levels of vertebral subluxation with severe subluxation and spinal decay in a number of areas. This was quite a wake-up call as I had never been told about the importance of spinal health and wellness care before this time. I had never been recommended an x-ray, or had anyone check my spine for vertebral subluxation and nerve interference. I wanted to start on a course of spinal correction immediately. This included spinal adjustments, soft tissue massage and exercises.

I find it difficult to be concise enumerating the benefits I have gained since attending Dr. Farthing's practice, but the overall improvement in general well-being has been amazing. I no longer take paracetamol or ibuprofen nor do I need to take antacids. If I added up how many tablets I have not put into my body in just the last 12 months, whilst getting adjusted, it would be in the vicinity of 8,000! What a difference!

No more back pain, no more indigestion, improved posture, improved balance and an all round feeling of being well. Now I have been educated, wellness makes much more sense than a lifetime of taking tablets. Thank you.

"... the overall improvement in general well-being has been amazing."