Dr. Brad Fackrell, Rio Rancho, NM

Patient: Alan
Original date: 9/15/2005

I was impressed with your flyer & offer and the words "spinal misalignment" really caught my attention. I was also not impressed by the past services of other chiropractic doctors.

I've had minor back problems since 1994. Chronic 24/7 lower back pain set in January of 1998. In December of 1998 I finally got my doctor to send me for an M.R.I. that showed degenerative arthritis in my lower lumbar area.

Since 1998 I've had four M.R.I.'s, four epidurals, referred to a P.T. twice, which I stopped going, seen the back surgeon twice, seen two different chiropractic doctors, have been on numerous pain medications over the past seven years plus two different muscle-relaxers.

I was my last visit to the back surgeon in January of 2005 that he told me I had no disk problem now but the problem was in the vertebras. He also told me not to get any more epidurals, as they would not do me any good. This is what started me to search for another chiropractic doctor.

After reading Dr. Brad's offer, I could not resist. Dr Brad evaluated me and I started his services in June 2005. At the end of the first week and after seven years of being in pain, I was pain free in the lower back. At the end of three months I am still under his expert care, pain free in the lower lumbar area and most of all, off all of my pain meds since June.

By the way, the FDA has now removed from the market some of the pain medications I was taking.