Dr. Brad Fackrell, Rio Rancho, NM

Patient: Erik
Original date: 6/5/2006

I came to Straight chiropractic after years of abuse to my spine. I am a coach for the Albuquerque Asylum professional soccer team and Dr. Brad is one of our sponsors. I heard him talk to our team 2 years ago and thought it sounded like it could be beneficial. Unfortunately, I did not get around to visiting the office that season and my subluxation got worse and I hurt my back again in the off-season. At the beginning of the year I talked to Dr. Brad again and decided to make the time to correct my curvature in my neck and spine. I have been under care for six months and feel much better thanks to Dr. Brad and his staff at Straight Chiropractic.

My advice to anyone considering improvement and health would be to not wait until the problem gets worse. It is better to prevent than to fix.