Dr. Brad Fackrell, Rio Rancho, NM

Patient: Helen

I have done chiropractic care off and on since I was eleven years old. I do not have any health insurance now and felt that getting a chiropractic check-up for such a good price was a good thing to do. When I saw the results of the x-rays, I was immediately aware of my future health prospects-NOT GOOD, a quadriplegic, early death was not great to be faced with-my mother nearly became quadriplegic from a similar "bad" neck.

I have found I now have increased strength and stamina; more energy; my feet are not numb and my posture has improved-I am experiencing more satisfaction in living and am more happy. I have begun to lose weight! My neck curve is moving towards optimum which will continue to procedure greater health and well-being.

I am constantly encouraging others to come to straight chiropractic and see what Dr. Brad can do for them to help improve their live, healthy well-being. Anytime I ever over hear some one mention back, head, or neck pain, I tell them about Straight Chiropractic and Dr. Brad. I even give them one of his magnet cards.