Dr. Brad Fackrell, Rio Rancho, NM

Patient: Kathleene
Original Date: 6/7/06

I call them my invisible surprises--the realization that yet another symptom has, somewhere, disappeared, often without my realizing it, and all of that after less than four months of care at Straight Chiropractic!

A really big deal recently was to be able to take a trip and enjoy the pleasure of dining with friends and family without enduring migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, heartburn, nausea, flu-like symptoms, episodes of depression and heart palpitations, the price I use to pay for eating almost anything, including healthful foods. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of tests, drugs and hospitalizations brought no relief or diagnosis. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of alternative approaches brought only superficial relief as practitioners, including chiropractors, ignored my inquiries about my degrading posture and my head's increasing tendency to thrust forward.

The curvature in my spine, the product of falls when I was a child, was visible by simply looking at my profile, yet doctors ignored the obvious as they told me I had a digestive form of fibromyalgia, a soft-cell type of osteoarthritis. One chiropractor, when I inquired about the curvature, said I needed "to work harder on my posture" while my medical doctor, as I asked how I could endure, suggested that I "might want to hook up with a fibromyalgia-support group."

The particular irony was that, having been treated years ago by a chiropractor who understood true healing, I knew the importance of supporting the body's innate ability to heal, a gift so dramatic and miraculous that anyone who has ever seen a cut or burn heal in days should never doubt its existence or its potential. I also understood the importance of structural health, but my doctors, including many chiropractors, only understood "controlling pain," while I doggedly searched for someone who would strive to help me attain WELLNESS!

Blessedly, I found that someone. Dr. Brad and an increasing number of chiropractors now realize chiropractic's full potential: the attainment of whole new levels of healing by focusing on CORRECTING, not just superficially treating, spinal problems. I still have the occasional off day, but nausea that haunted my every waking moment for years is gone.

I haven't had a migraine in weeks. My heartburn, so devastating that drugs wouldn't touch it, is gone and the weird and frightening heart episodes, the origins of which were never diagnosed, nearly so. And the chronic fatigue syndrome, something I was once told I would live with the rest of my life, has been replaced by returning optimism, enthusiasm and the joy that I now have the energy to unwrap the gift that each and every day should be. I have the energy to give back to life, not just exist in misery!