Dr. Brad Fackrell, Rio Rancho, NM

Patient: Ruben
Original Date: 6/27/06

I began chiropractic treatment in November 2005, having responded to a general mailing. At the time I commenced treatment, I had struggled with medical problems of unknown etiology. MDs suggested an autoimmune disorder which had just not manifested itself in blood tests by the end of 2005. During 2005, I underwent several MRI's, nerve testing, inner ear testing, acupuncture and extensive physical therapy. The table below summarizes my medical condition and the change following the commencement of chiropractic treatment.


Result after treatment

Severe tinnitus, right ear, 24 hours per day

Gone permanently following the 3 rd chiropractic adjustment

Fibromyalgia, severe pain daily

Reduced to only occasional flare ups.

Daily dizziness, vertigo

Reduced to occasional flare ups, and is about 40% of what it was prior to the onset of chiropractic adjustment

Loss of balance

I occasionally struggle with this, but the intensity is about 40% of what it was

Gait problems

Still occurs infrequently, but is about 20% of what it was in 2005.

Overall, my energy level and stamina seem higher than prior to adjustments. Digestion seems to have improved as well, with a boost in metabolism (15 pound weight decrease since January). I have been able to quit the debilitating prescription regimen I was on during the year.

Five years ago, I had similar success with neck pain. My treating physician had advised me to get used to the pain, following unsuccessful treatment via physical therapy and heavy doses of ibuprofen. A session of six visits to a chiropractor corrected this problem.

I highly recommend chiropractic adjustment as part of an overall regimen for health and well being. In my mind, each form of healthcare has its merits and place in a person's life - and I find that chiropractic is an essential complement to a healthy lifestyle, sensible adoption of other forms of healthcare, and for remediation of illness or disease.

I greatly endorse Straight Chiropractic. The environment is friendly, and there is a relaxing and family feeling - nothing cold or clinical about a visit there. And all within a caring professionalism that has yielded results. Dr. Brad's assistants, Veronica, Carie, Erika and Brianna, help to make the visit friendly while keeping things organized and helping everyone focus on healing.