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Dr Joseph MercolaHow to Achieve High Level Health and Wellness without Expensive Drugs or Surgery

Your body is designed to self regulate and be healthy. If this sounds like a preposterous statement, then you have been a victim of a disease-focused mass media controlled by powerful special interests that wants to convince you that expensive drugs and surgery are the logical choices when confronting health challenges.

When you shine a bright light in a dark corner you remove the darkness. You simply can't have light and darkness simultaneously. Similarly when you focus on health, disease dramatically disappears. Disease and health can't co-exist.

When you focus on choosing natural unprocessed foods, healthy water, air, appropriate sun exposure, exercise, proper rest, emotional balancing and avoidance of toxic chemicals and pollutants, you will shine the light on disease and allow health to replace it.

Are You Surprised By the Following Facts About Americans?

Two out three are overweight
One of three has either diabetes or pre-diabetes
Cancer is now the number one cause of death
If you are surprised then the following facts help to explain these statistics:

90% of the money Americans spend on food is for processed foods
The number one source of calories in America is the sugar in sodas
In a typical year the average Americans consumes:
Over 56 gallons of soda a year
150 hamburgers
200 orders of fries
Selecting the right foods to nourish you and avoiding the toxic poisons that are loaded in commercially processed foods are two of the most important choices you can make to allow your body to repair the inevitable damage that you encounter at some point from merely being alive.

However, most of us are exchanging convenience for our health. While it is an easy choice for most of us to make, it is regularly encouraged and facilitated by the very industries that provide these convenience options.

Drug and Food Industry are the Problem Not the Solution

This year nearly five billion prescriptions will be filled in the United States. That is on average one prescription EVERY month for EVERY person in the US. We are spending nearly two trillion dollars for care that is focused on the treatment of disease rather than the promotion of health.

It is indisputable that our current system has enormous benefit and value in the treatment of acute medical emergencies that require the use of trauma centers, skilled surgeons, and intensive care units to help repair and heal us when we are injured. When this system is applied to chronic degenerative health conditions that compromise more than 95% of the health problems it becomes a miserable failure.

Let me be more precise: it is a miserable failure for you.

It is a stroke of genius for the drug and food industry who distort the evidence to convince you that it is perfectly logical to use the highly effective acute trauma approach for chronic health conditions. Successful implementation of this major philosophical shift allows them to create windfall profits.

The drug industries have traditionally been one of the most profitable industries on the planet, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in profit annually.

This enormous amount of capital has created the largest legislative lobbying influence in Congress. That drug lobby has been able to manipulate U.S. laws to maintain a system that perpetuates their influence through tax breaks, a weakened regulatory system with the FDA, and loosened marketing restrictions that allow them to target their message to ever-growing segments of the population.

You need to know that the current health care system is designed to create fear. The illusion that is being created is that it is being done for public safety and the enforcement mechanism is a government-backed police force. Tragically many legitimate objections to violations of your health freedoms are overpowered in the name of national security.

Masterful Manipulation by the Media

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that all those drug commercials you see on TV and read in the magazines may not be the best solution for your health challenges?

Did you know that the US is only one of two countries in the world that allows drug companies to advertise prescription drugs to the public? (The other is New Zealand and they may change that soon)

It is vitally important for you to understand that these industries have conspired to deceive you with their army of evil marketing geniuses, and controlling the media is one of their most effective strategies.

I stopped watching TV in my home for ten years, right after the Chicago Bulls finished their six-time world championship series with Michael Jordan. At that time there were specific FTC restrictions for marketing drugs on television, just as there currently are restrictions for alcohol and tobacco. Now the drug industry is spending over three billion dollars every year to market their products direct to consumers.

This masterful manipulation of the media creates fear to motivate you to choose their expensive and self-serving solutions. This is most recently demonstrated by campaigns like the bird flu hoax in which President Bush announced in the fall of 2005 that nearly two million Americans could die from the bird flu and the best case scenario would be 200,000 deaths.

These types of intentional psychological manipulations and distortions of the truth have allowed them to effectively convince most of the population to rely on their Band-Aid solutions for health challenges.

There is HOPE -- They Never Counted on the Internet!!

I did not share this information to discourage you. Quite to the contrary: we are making a difference and changes are happening.

Even with the best and most marketing money can buy, though, the truth can only be concealed and suppressed for so long. The drug companies' entire strategy is beginning to implode because they never realized what a powerful force the internet could be for educating and information the masses.

In 2004, Merck -- one of the most prestigious and conservative of the drug companies -- lost $50 billion dollars in their Vioxx scandal ... a scandal that, by conservative estimates, was behind the deaths of over 60,000 people.

If you had been one of my newsletter subscribers in 1999 you would have read my warning to avoid Vioxx as it could lead to heart attacks. It was the first public warning about the danger and many thousands of lives were saved with this information.

You Can Help Change the Fatally Flawed Health Care System

However, in 1999 not many people were online ? but now internet access in most countries is becoming as common as the phone.

I have been online since 1978, well before the Web existed. Practical applications of computer technology and health have been have been my passion for many decades.

In 1997 I started my web site, Mercola.com, that is now the most visited natural health site in the world. By 2006 we had over 800,000 subscribers and over 5 million page views every month. I created this site with no outside investors or advertising.

That site filled a need and started the process but time and technology change so I have created a new web site that allows all health care professionals and users to interact and participate in choosing the best health care alternatives to drugs and surgery.

Over 80% of the people on the Internet search for health information, but unfortunately there is as of yet no destination spot for health information -- and the field is loaded with fraud and deception.

It is my hope to leverage all the past ten years of work on Mercola.com into this new site to provide you and the rest of the world with a treasure trove of knowledge and health wisdom that will allow you to avoid the drug and surgery model. Hopefully you will join me on this mission by participating at this new site when we release it in the fall.