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Dr. Michael Polson Mansfield, TX

I had been having some pain off and on in my back, neck, hips, legs and also migraine headaches for a time; and not really feeling real well a lot of the time. My upper back between my shoulder blades, down to about middle of my back had been sore to the touch and achy for a long time. I just learned to live with it, I guess.

Then miraculously I was looking at the flyer that was in some junk mail, as I read it I was amazed and called the phone number and made an appointment for this great deal on a complete Chiropractic check up. After the check up results was discussed I committed to 1 year of adjustments with Dr. Polson. I had no idea I was in such Bad shape. A reverse curve and a lot of Subluxation, which was possibly the reason for most of my pain, including the migraines.

I have been going to "Polson Family Chiropractic" now for 6 months, and I am feeling so much better. My spine is getting back to normal, I have many more feel good days now, and hardly ever have a migraine!!! Yea!

What a Blessing to feel good again!!

Thank you Dr. Polson and Staff


Sharon P.