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Dr. Michael Polson Mansfield, TX

Who would have thought when I met Dr. Polson at Wal-Mart, how my life would forever change. I didn't know much about Chiropractors. I'm glad I made an appointment and came for my follow up. I was told I was in Phase 3. For 10 or more years I've suffered with headaches, backaches, and neck problems, constantly taking pills on a daily basis. After my first adjustment my headaches and pains went away, I was amazed I didn't need pills anymore for that. Dr. Polson, you saved my life. If only people gave Chiropractors a chance, it will truly save their life, it did mine.

Oh! By the way, I never mentioned problems with my bowels; I was surprised the adjustments help it as well.

Thank you Dr. Polson, I believe you saved my life.

Rhonda S.