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Dr. Michael Polson Mansfield, TX

What brought me to Dr. Polson's office...My Grandchildren. (Ages five and eight at the time)I was bringing them in for an evaluation, and found myself involved in the same process. Dr. Polson and his staff genuinely are about the well being and good health of all people. They have sent me on a new path of recognizing that I can maintain a good healthy quality of life.

With each birthday I had accepted the new aches and pains that I thought should come with each added year. Little did I know that some of these could be avoided or eliminated completely.

You can't put down in words just how good Chiropractic makes you feel.

Thank you Dr. Polson for educating me on the benefits of Chiropractic adjustments for good health.

Shirley B.

Patient of Dr. Michael Polson Mansfield, TX
P.S. At my age I never knew I could grow a full inch. Thanks to my Chiropractic Care.