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Dr. Michael Polson Mansfield, TX


My name is Sid and I have been going to see Dr. Polson for about six months and all I can say about my chiropractic experience with Dr. Polson is "AWESOME". Being a computer professional, I have to sit in front of a computer every day for many hours which had caused lots of pain in my neck and lower back. Four years ago I got involved in a car accident and that accident caused the pain to quadruple. I have been taking lots of pain killers the last few years in order ease the pain a little bit. Six months ago, I received a flier from Dr. Polson's office and I decided to give Dr. Polson a try and I am so glad I did! After seeing Dr. Polson for six months, the pain in my neck and lower back has gone down significantly. In fact, I haven't taken any pain killers at all in these last six months and I never miss a single day of work.

And Dr. Polson has also opened my eyes to see how amazing and extraordinary this creation called "human body". He emphasized again and again that true change comes from the inside. My chiropractic experience these last six months has significantly enlarged my appreciation to my Creator.

Thank you very much, Dr. Polson! God bless you!

Sid A.