Encoporesis in a seven-year-old: a case study. Patterson D. J Chiropractic Research. 1986;2(3):79-82.

This is a condition in which the child is “fecal soiling of clothing or another inappropriate site persisting regularly beyond the usual age of completion of toilet training.”

A seven-year-old male child had been under medical care and was treated with stool softeners and milk of magnesia for the previous two years with no reduction in symptoms or medication. He was on many medications, including Ritalin™ .

When the child was 8-months-old he was in a walker which rolled down 14 basement steps and he was then thrown from the walker.

Palpation revealed restriction at C1-C2 and L2-L3-L4. Child was adjusted at these segmental levels. The child received ten months of chiropractic care and now maintains normal bowel function. He is off all medication including Ritalin.

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