Dr. Allen Miner, Health Quest, Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Norman ~ March 7, 2006

How did I learn about Health Quest? Well it first started out on a fine autumn day in October of 2005. I was in the process of picking up my racing packet for the Duke City Marathon. I noticed Lindsay handing out leaflets, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I had never tried chiropractic care before but was always interested in someone checking out my back. Upon entering the office I learned a lot of good information, right from the start! I learned new terms I had never heard of. I thought it was all quick and straight to the point.

I grew up most of my life in pain--I’m 43. Within the last number of years, I thought of running to help my rheumatism, but I was popping aspirins for years. In fact, I would take them to ease my pain before each race. But after five months or so in the chiropractic clinic, I stopped taking aspirins and replaced them with a teaspoon of cod liver oil daily-taking Dr. Miner’s advice.

I’d like to see myself continuously using chiropractic care for a long time!

Who would I suggest be checked for subluxation? A lot of people-my pastor, boss, relatives and associates.