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Dr April Traynor, Health in Hands Chiropractic, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

As you read this, you will get to know a little about my family and why we have chosen chiropractic care. There are five for us: Rob (Dad), Joshua(11), Aaron (9), Jack (6) and Myself.

I began seeing Grant just after Jack was born. I had been suffering migraines (hormonal), sciatic nerve pain, "mothers back", a dowager's hump was developing and I had a family history of scoliosis. I decided I could do without these problems on top of all the normal hassles of working and raising a family. My mother, who had been seeing Grant for some time, bought me along. Well, the dreaded Dowager's Hump disappeared in a short time, migraines were now a thing of the past (from every month to maybe twice in the past 3 years) and I seldom suffer back pain. With regular visits to Grant and doing some exercises at home that he taught me, I find I'm getting along very well.

I bought Aaron in when he turned five as he was still wetting the bed. Aaron was a bed wetter and had suffered mild asthma until then and within a few visits he was dry at night and very seldom even gets wheezy (I'm sure swimming helps with this too). Rob started coming along with us soon after. He has Psoriatic Arthritis and would often get debilitating joint pain, especially in his hands and knees. Regular chiropractic adjustments keep Rob mobile and his pain manageable.

After a while, we noticed our general health was very good in addition to the specific ailments mentioned above. When those around us were down & out with flu/colds, we seemed to avoid or recover more quickly from these, so we decided to bring Joshua and Jack along and make it a family "thing". Good thing too, they were both beginning to get misalignments in their spines, and while the damage to Rob & my spines (calcification of a couple of vertebrae) can't be undone, we can rest assured that it will not happen to the boys.

Now look at us! Instead of paracetamol popping "lounge lizards" where many activities were not enjoyable if not downright painful, we are active and healthy. We recently checked when our last visit to an MD was – April 2000!

We enjoy long family walks, play badminton, ball games and the boys are gathering a nice collection of trophies from swimming and athletics.

What we save on medicines and doctor's bills more than covers the cost associated with Chiropractic care and being in a medical fund means we can claim a bit of it back also. It seems a particularly valuable investment in all our futures.

Feeling good within yourself really makes "living" a lot easier, and a lot more FUN!

Dianne Hummel