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Dr April Traynor, Health in Hands Chiropractic, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

As an elderly couple, we have had a few serious complaints, and when you add in wear and tear of our bodies, it's easy to see that poor health exists.

Picture: Loss of energy, tiredness, aches and pains, blood pressure, head pain, and much more. Our well being was deteriorating fast. So we decided to seek help from Health In Hands, to improve our quality of life.

In the past we had been seeking help from medical doctors, general and specialists, and in some cases were told that there was no alternative treatment available. We realize now that these doctors were treating the symptoms, not the cause of our pain, which left us, especially Gwen, taking many tablets to relieve headaches and other pains.

So we went to Health In Hands to see if a chiropractic lifestyle could help us achieve the quality of life we wanted. After our first examination we were surprised with the process and the thorough explanation we received. Furthermore, when Dr April phoned us that night just to ask how we were feeling, it gave us comfort and hope in the chiropractic process. Since that night (for the last three months) we have been to all spinal adjustments and a few educational workshops.

As far as treatment goes, we didn't expect drastic improvement right away, but there was improvement evident. For years we have had flu and pneumonia vaccinations, but unfortunately for the past 5 years Gwen has ended up in hospital for severe pneumonia. This year, after starting spinal adjustments, neither of us have seen any sign of the flu whatsoever. Gwen's headaches are disappearing, and other pains we both felt have eased.

We are physically feeling much better, our necks are more flexible, we have better balance and all this is due to our spines being in better alignment. We expect that our health will improve much more in the next three months.

Another benefit we are experiencing is being able to things that we love doing, like gardening, with much ease. This brings much joy to our lives.

Through our experience, we recommend that you try chiropractic. You may be as surprised as we were!

Gwen and Barry