IQ Score Improvement

A pilot study of applied kinesiology in helping children with learning disabilities. Mathews MO, Thomas E, British Osteopathic Journal Vol. X11 1993; Ferreri CA (1986)

In this study all of the children in the treatment group made significant gains in IQ scores. An average increase of 8 Full Scale IQ points and 12 performance IQ points was obtained. Most children showed significant gains in visual perceptual organization. Some made significant gains in other important skills such as short-term auditory memory. Significant improvements were observed both at home and at school with regard to motivation, attitude and performance.”

Reports from those treated: “Dyslexia teacher says he no longer needs help.” “No more thumb sucking.” “Asthma much better on the whole.”

The effects of chiropractic treatment on students with learning and behavioral impairments due to neurological dysfunction. Walton EV. International Review of Chiropractic 1975;29:4-5,24-26.

Twenty-four learning impaired students were placed under chiropractic care with many displaying dramatic results.

Breakthrough for dyslexia and learning disabilities. Ferreri, CA and Wainwright, RB

(1984) Exposition Press of Florida, Inc.

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