Infant Pain and Long Term Effects

Birth Trauma Has Lasting Psycological Effects

Although alomst addressing trauma to the nervous system when looking at birth trauma, there is growing evidence that the traumas of birth have lasting psycological effects.

"Although controversy can still be generated, especially among persons who are not acquainted with contemporary findings, we should not proceed arrogantly with the routine traumatization of our infants at birth! Fortunately, an increasing number of therapists are being privately trained to recognize and work to resolve prenatal/perinatal trauma, but there could never be enough of them to do the work that is piling up. It would take an army of therapists to keep up with endless production line of trauma at birth! Their work could be--and should be--eliminated with the prevention of unnecessary traumas of contemporary obstetrics. But there is no end in sight at this time."

David B. Chamberlain, Ph.D.   Birth Trauma is Real!

Infant Pain May Have Long-Term Effects

Newborn infants who are exposed to a series of painful and stressful treatments display a variety of long-term effects as older children, including an altered response to pain and an exaggerated physiological response to stress, new research shows.

Newborn infants, including those born prematurely, have functional nervous systems that are capable of perceiving pain, the researchers say. While many physicians have become aware of the need for anesthesia during circumcisions, for example, little is routinely done for infants who may face repeated needle sticks and other stressful conditions while in a neonatal intensive care unit.

Center for the Advancement of Health   Infant Pain May Have Long-Term Effects

World Mental Health Day Focuses on Child Trauma

Children exposed to traumatic events can suffer emotional consequences for the rest of their lives. This year's World Mental Health Day seeks to keep children safe from trauma.

The report also offers tips for organizations and health professionals about how to organize and publicize WMHD activities, for example, by conducting seminars on the prevention and effects of trauma in children.

Hmmm..seminars on birth trauma? I can see DCs getting on this.

Eve Bender   World Mental Health Day Focuses on Child Trauma   Psychiatric News 2002 (Sep 20);   37 (18)

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