Neurologic Development In Children

Birth trauma, antibiotic abuse, vaccine reaction: a single case report. Phillips, CJ ICA Review Sept/Oct 1996.

This is the case of a 14 month-old female with delayed development, hypotonia, dysarthria, excessive cranial molding, photophobia, loss of visual motor control, history of excessive antibiotic therapy and adverse reaction to vaccinations.

After one week of chiropractic and cranio-sacral therapy the symptoms of photophobia decreased, there was increased muscle tone and ability to sit on mother’s lap with minimal support. In addition she had no pain when held erect and exhibited increased muscle strength allowing her to be held against her parent’s shoulder with normal head control (previously flopped backwards if not supported). She also showed increased visual acuity, decrease in athetoid movements of arms, hands and fingers and an immediate change in mood with a calmer, happier disposition.

Effect of osteopathic medical management on neurologic development in children. Frymann VM, Carney RD, Springall P. Journal Of The American Osteopathic Association, 92;729-744, 1992.

From the paper:

Neurologic performance (sensory performance, manual competence, mobility, and spoken language) significantly improved after treatment in children with defined neurologic problems...improvement continued to occur over several months of observation....children with neurologic problems have exhibited significantly improved sensory and motor functions.

M.D. and D.C. cooperation improves child’s life. Microcephalic (having abnormally small head/small brain). Today’s Chiropractic p. 40 Sept/Oct 1995.

Story of Fara Hoffman born microcephalic.

With the help of chiropractic adjustments and therapy, she can now, at age 5, feed herself, walk and make sounds. Her mother attributes Fara’s miraculous progress to chiropractic care. Fara, who could not move, received her first cranial adjustment. “They adjusted her, and her feet moved (said her mother), I couldn’t believe it.”

Chiropractic sacro-occipital technique treatment of arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. Getzoff H. Gregory T.M. Chiropractic Technique Vol.8, No. 2, May 1996.

This is the case report of a 6 year old boy who suffers from arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), also known as amyoplasia congenital. This condition is a congenital lack of muscular development resulting in multiple joint contractures and deformities.

In AMC the extremities are commonly fixed in flexion, the muscle mass is usually hypoplastic and muscle biopsy may reveal denervation, persistence of small fetal muscle fibers or muscular dystrophy.

From the abstract:

[Child had] severe generalized locomotor disability, including the inability to bend over to tie his shoes, as well as recurring kidney infections. The patient received 26 chiropractic treatments using SOT protocols over a period of 9 months, after which he could bend over to tie his shoes. In addition, he learned to ride a bicycle without training wheels, could swim part of the way across a pool unaided, and presented a greatly improved physical demeanor.

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