Chiropractic Prenatal Care: A Case Series Illustrating The Need for Special Equipment, Examination Procedures, Techniques and Supportive Therapies for the Pregnant Patient
By Pene Kunau, D.C.

Objective: This paper presents special equipment, examination procedures, low-force and soft tissue techniques and supportive therapies useful in providing chiropractic prenatal care. Fourteen case studies are presented to illustrate the benefits of using such specialized procedures.

Design: A case series

Setting: Private practice

Patients: Fourteen pregnant women with a variety of complaints and findings

Conclusion: Chiropractic prenatal care should include more than the "standard" orthopedic-neurologic exam and spinal adjustment. This population has special needs in terms of testing and treatment modalities. Chiropractors are considered primary contact providers in most states and may be well positioned to offer alternative prenatal care. However, we must become educated in differentiating between the appropriateness of alternative methods versus medical treatment in each case. (JCCP, Volume 4, Number 1, May 1999)

Key Terms: chiropractic, pre-natal care, pregnancy, in-utero constraint, equipment, examination, techniques