Premature Closure of Sutures

Premature closure of (skull) sutures. International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Newsletter Jan 1995 by Larry Webster, DC.

This is the case of a 5 week-old female with premature closure of the skull sutures. Her pediatrician had recommended surgery for this condition and the parent refused. Care was started in November 1994.  We used the Webster Cranial Suture adjustment along with an occasional atlas adjustment (toggle).

After 2 months of care, the sutures had reverted back to normal growth.  The child was re-examined by her pediatrician who stated "not only are the sutures now normal, but her motion skills are very impressive."  The mother said "there is no longer a risk of surgery thanks to chiropractic."

Evaluation and cranial treatment of the pediatric patient with sagittal suture synostosis: a case report. Vail BB.

Proceedings of the National Conference on Chiropractic & Pediatrics, Oct 1993, Palm Springs, CA, November 1993, Palm Beach, Florida.

This is the case of a 3 month-old boy suffering from sagittal suture stenosis or premature closing if the sutures.  The patient had pronounced elongation of the cranium and was recommended for surgical intervention for cosmetic purposes and to prevent the development of neurologic complications.

Chiropractic examination revealed multiple cranial lesions (fixations) that were felt to precipitate the patient's condition.  The fixations were released and by the 7 th visit the cranium was mobile and without fixation. The parents began to notice improvements in facial symmetry and medical examination revealed the child's head was returning to normal size.

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