Pyloric Stenosis

Assessing the efficacy of chiropractic care in pediatric cases of pyloric stenosis. Fallon JP, Lok BJ. Proceedings of the National Conference on Chiropractic and Pediatrics International Chiropractors Association: Arlington, VA. 1994: 72-79.

This is the case of a three-week-old child with projectile vomiting that was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis. The child was extremely irritable and would scream 18 hours each day. Surgical intervention was recommended; the mother brought him in for chiropractic care to avoid surgery.

Palpation of the upper cervical area revealed the child to be in much pain. The first six adjustments were of atlas. By the second visit (2nd day of care) child was less fussy but still vomiting. By the fourth visit (seventh day of care), the projectile vomiting had ceased. Screaming continued in decreasing intensity until the 10th visit (day 32). Infant slept solidly from 8:30 PM to 4:30 AM.

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