Spinal Fractures

Chiropractic management of spinal fractures and dislocations with closed reduction methods: a report of nine cases. Plaugher G., Rowe DJ, Gohl RA. Proceedings of the 1992 International Conference on Spinal Manipulation (FCER): 79-81.

Individuals with spinal fractures in these cases have received spinal adjustments with very successful results. Some of the cases are listed below:

Case #1: 21 year old male who was comatose for over a year after an auto accident. He had a Jefferson fracture. After the 3rd adjustment of C1 the patient became conscious.

Case #2: Auto accident victim with multiple fractures, compression fracture of T5. After two days intensive care checked himself out and had himself driven to a chiropractor 12 miles away. After 4 months of care he was able to return to work part time and at 18 months was pain free.

Case #3: 10 year old girl with compression fractures of T7 and T8 after an auto accident. Had thoracic pain and difficulty breathing. After 2 weeks of chiropractic care patient is symptom free.

Case #4: 85 year old man with thoracic pain and difficulty breathing. Breathing problems abated and pain decreased after several months of care.

Case #5: 45 year old woman with L1 fracture and dislocation. She had no bowel and bladder control and no use of her legs. After 4 months of care bladder and bowel function returned. Still no use of legs.

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