Chronic hyperemesis in two siblings with AIDS. Fallon, J International Chiropractic Association Review Summer 2002.

This is a case study of two male siblings 4 and 6 with “HIV infections and “full-blown AIDS.”

They had severe hyperemesis associated with a hyperactive gag reflex. Both boys were on a liquid diet: the six-year-old by mouth and the 4-year-old by a gastric tube. The 6-year-old , with a viral load of 1,200+ was on a monotherapy regime of antiviral drugs, the 4-year-old, with a viral load of 1,000,000+ was on a cocktail of HIV medications (after the monotherapy failed). The 4-year-old had a history of chronic ear infections and the 6-year-old had severe learning disabilities. Both boys needed a walker or bilateral canes. The older boy had uncontrollable dribbling. Spinal examination of the 4 year-old revealed subluxations at occiput/atlas, C1, C4, T4, T9 and Tl2. Spinal examination of the 6-year-old revealed subluxations at C1, T1, T8 and AS of the right ileum.

Adjustments of the subluxated segments were begun; each boy was initially seen 2 times a week for three weeks.

Within three weeks of initial care the older boy could walk better, he was able to use only one cane instead of two, he ate solid food for the first time since birth and his chronic drooling stopped. His gagging and vomiting ceased. However, if he went longer than 30 days without an adjustment, his gag reflex returned as well as the uncontrolled vomiting.

The younger boy was able to stop the gastric feeding and take his liquid food orally, had reduced vomiting and his chronic ear infections ceased. In a few months he was able to eat solid food. His viral load dropped from 1,000,000+ to 5! As long as he was adjusted 1-2 times per month, his vomiting did not return.

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