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Dr. Loren Bassett in Roseburg, Oregon

My daughter is 10 years old and have been struggling with allergies, asthma, stomach problems, and ADHD. This all began 7 years ago when she was 3. There have been times when the stomach aches were so severe she was crying, rocking back and forth and begging for help to make it go away. She would wake up almost daily with low back and neck pain. She was put on allergy injections, inhalers and pills for asthma issues. She was on antibiotics each month from a new infection that would be sinus related or in the lungs.

After I started seeing the chiropractor I made sure my family started seeing him as well. She has also started Omega-3 and fish oil. She is off all medication except the ADHD, but we are hoping that will go away soon. She seems happier, is breathing better and not having the neck and back pain or stomach issues she used to have tears over.

Taylor T., patient of Dr. Loren Bassett in Roseburg, Oreg