Drs. Jeff and Natalie Rogers Rye, New Hampshire

I have suffered from general stiffness in my back for a few years. It became apparent that years of sports injuries have taken a toll on my body. As a result, it became more and more difficult to enjoy my activities.

Regular Chiropractic care has significantly reduced, pretty much removed, any stiffness and now I can fully enjoy all my activities just as I did years ago. But, the adjustments not only helped stiffness it had additional bonuses that I could never have imagined. My allergies pretty much disappeared. I have suffered seasonal and household allergies for most of my life. Regular adjustments have reduced all allergy symptoms. I don't need any allergy medications. That is GREAT!

Now I am much more flexible, allergy free, and in great health! Doctor Jeff, Doctor Natalie, and all those at Chiropractic USA at Breakfast Hill, Thank You!

Testimonial by C. Grippo